wtb nano vs resolute

With tubes, no less! Those little SOB’s can be persistent! WTB Resolute TCS Light/Fast Rolling: 42-622: 41.8: 39.7: 63.7: 457 g: € 45.50: WTB Riddler TCS Light/Fast Rolling: 37-622: 35.9: 33.4: 57.4: 431 g: € 45.50: 1 measured dimensions @2,5 Bar, in mm 2 tire height + test rim (24 mm), in mm. The downside of it is that with increased choice comes increased confusion and indecision.

Get out of the saddle, sink your center of gravity and tires hook up. Again, out on pavement connections, the Resolutes hummed along with relative quietness for such a large tire. If you’re looking for a tire that’s going to be ridden away from tarmac on gravel and even singletrack, the Resolute is a great option. 62 Old Temple Road Some times lifting the wheel just slightly up but not off the ground really helps this process.

Slightly aggressive side knobs with a little bit of tightly packed center knobs. First things first! DrummondPhoto ... A pretty wild day out in Kent test riding what will be a new event for brothercycles in 2021. Both tyres inflated with a track pump. We punctured both the central tread (next to the studs, i.e. When TCS tires are paired with TCS rims, WTB says what you have is a system that mounts easily (no compressor or CO2 blast) but is lighter than UST. In MTB Lite situations, the Resolute is quicker (all round) too, though other factors come into play here so it is more difficult to be quite so conclusive. First off the tire looks amazing, its light, has the looks and thread design seems great. I read some pretty high praises for how this tire performs on hard surfaces, some calling it better than its older brother, the Nano.

We had gravel bikes.

Grip glorious grip... The quest for ultimate off-road traction continues but these fizikofficial Terra Clima X2 boots and teravail Rutland 47s are certainly proving their worth on the autumnal trails. We'll be bringing you the full group test line up soon, and our thoughts on them all after some serious winter testing. ETRTO-European Tire and Rim Technical Orginazation-standards. This means that the tire volume can vary depending on the model, even if the size classification is the same. 27.5″ tires have an inner diameter of 584 mm and are identical to the old French size 650B.

WTB Resolute 700 x 42 gravel tyres WTB promote the Resolute as a four seasons, any conditions, gravel tyre. You've been subscribed to our newsletter. More volume means less punishment, provided its matched with proper psi. Perfect weather for Deerfly season. We chatted with ARAF.cc founder and AUTMNL ADVNTR judge Chris Hunter towards the end of the AUTMNL ADVNTR challenge to find out how he has been enjoying the changing seasons, what he’s seen so far in the submissions and what he’s looking for in the winning shots.⁠ With the exception of the tightly-set center knobs, the Resolute’s tread blocks have plenty of room between them. Or, if you're lucky like us, some 30kph winds and intermittent rain!

The tire felt confident in loose rough stuff, spun up quickly on pavement, was quiet for a large tire like this and hummed along at a good clip over hard pack. We've been using komoot to plan and share great off-road routes, Highlights and inspiration for years, and now we'll be bringing even more of that to you!⁠ Sleek road bikes with and skinny rubber are a rare sight. Everything else get another tire…, Same experience than Fernando, ending with a visit to the hospital. There are gravel tires that perform better on hard-packed surfaces, and others that are true trail kings.

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