trailer park boys ricky quotes

I’m ashamed of myself.

Can you go f*ck yourself?” — Hampton and Bubbles, #13. 4600 bucks a year. 26 Inspirational Quotes About Smiling Through Pain: You Got This! He has plenty of hilarious one-liners, memorable quotations, and funny misquotes. Ricky: Two f*cking dumb idiots that drive a big piece of sh*t from the trailer park that don't know when to come buy f*cking dope. More videos at https://t.co/WXSQCjPpdl. He is closely associated with Ricky and Julian as the three are seen to be best friends and cohorts. Which is no big deal but, you know, I don’t really wanna go back to jail. Ricky: I don't do as much coke as you do. These Rickyisms are ranked from best to worst by fans like you. 36 Liked! 40 Single Motivational Words: One Word Can Change... 32 Self Reflection Quotes You Should Read When... 39 Alice In Wonderland Quotes: Following The Rabbit... 31 Inspiring Anti-Bullying Quotes: It’s Time to Fight... 35 Surreal Letterkenny Quotes about Life, Love, and Farming, 70 Best Funny Confucius Quotes to Make You Laugh, Win Them Over with a Bit of Humor: The Best “Funny Reasons Why I Love You”, Back to School: Managing the Logistics of Being an Adult College Student, Positivity Boost: 57 Positive Adjectives That Start With W, Positivity Boost: 40 Positive Adjectives That Start With Q, Positivity Boost: 11 Positive Adjectives That Start With Z, Positivity Boost: 17 Positive Adjectives That Start With Y, 190 Christmas Words You’ll Need During the Holiday Season. Some of the funniest lines and running jokes from Trailer Park Boys are Ricky LaFleur quotes. Julian: (laughs drunkly) Assistant. Here we 'reddit' about the Trailer Park Boys which is a documentary-style comedy about the inhabitants of Sunnyvale Trailer Park, located in the beautiful Maritime province of Nova Scotia, Canada. “Let the liquor do the thinkin’, bud.” — Lahey, #10. These Rickyisms are ranked from best to worst by fans like you. As a character, Jim Lahey was real in the way myths are real. I, for one, am up to the challenge! VLaurie has been a true passion project of mine, and I’ve dedicated myself to it fully. October 17, 2017. Join in the fucking fun and visit SWEARNET.COM now! A lot cheaper than a f*cking trailer.” — Bubbles, #6. “I can’t go to jail. Season 2 of TPB: Animated Series now streaming @Netflix - visit https://t.co/pa4BtUSipd! Ricky: That's right, buddy. Sunnyvale Trailer Park. And that's kinda neat, I guess, but I don't like all these little f*ckers running around calling me Reveen. Which is kinda cool people think I look like a famous person.

Twitter. Apparently he's this ventriloquist or psychic or some guy and I look like him. “One man’s garbage is another man person’s good un-garbage.” — Ricky, #28.

Collecting all of the Trailer Park Boys’ best lines is a tough job, but somebody had to do it! “You can go to college, and you can get your little PFD or whatever the f*ck it’s called, I don’t care.” — Ricky, #25. Who will look after my kitties?” — Bubbles, #22.

It doesn't matter if he is getting into some serious trouble or trying to push his merchandise, Ricky always has something funny to say. “What are you doin’ using your big school words; just use normal people words and I’ll understand what you’re talkin’ about.” — Ricky, #26. “No cat of mine’s gonna live in a car.” — Bubbles, #8. “This here’s my shed, right here. “Jesus, I hope I don’t get pulled over. Here we 'reddit' about the Trailer Park Boys which is a documentary-style comedy about the inhabitants of Sunnyvale Trailer Park, located in the beautiful Maritime province of Nova Scotia, Canada. Don’t those circumstances sound like the perfect breeding ground for all sorts of nuggets of wisdom?

[Randy overhears] “You’re prostituting yourself out for cheeseburgers again, aren’t you?” — Julian, #7. If some kid wants to grow dope, they can come talk to me. “A lot of people might say I’m stupid; I don’t know; I don’t think I am. As wicked as they are, the characters of the Trailer Park Boys mockumentary series all have some outstanding zingers! The Trailer Park Boys mockumentary films and series follow three central characters, Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles, as they live out their lives at Sunnyvale Trailer Park. This thing here’s smarter than me, I guess, but it has a battery.” — Ricky, #32. First can doesn’t count; then you get to the second and third, fourth and fifth I think I burned with the blowtorch.

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