princeton tiger family hub

This information will be considered when we determine your parental contribution and may result in a reduction. Students approved for emergency residency can expect to remain in their rooms for the entire year. 3g. I encourage you to read our COVID-19 information webpage, which we’ll update as our plans for the fall and next spring firm. If you want more information about any of these topics, use the Ask a Dean link on the upper right-hand side of this page. As he noted in his recent message to the campus community, President Eisgruber very much wants to bring the Class of 2024 to campus along with all our undergraduates, but he’s determined do so only when and if we can keep your student and our whole community healthy and safe. Approved students will participate in a room draw the following week. What is the University planning for the fall semester? 4. Will my parent contribution be reduced this year along with the reduced tuition?

(All students currently living in graduate family housing may stay in their continuous accommodations, although we ask that you register formally through this process. 3f. Students who are approved for Emergency Residency will need to sign a social contract about community expectations, and participate in relevant health assessment and testing protocols. Access for Faculty, Parents, Staff and Newly Admitted Graduate Students to Princeton's systems such as Teaching and Advising, Tiger Family Hub and Tiger Hub. Tiger Family Hub. Students who apply for Emergency Residency will be notified of their status by Friday, August 14. The Office of the Dean of the College website has some useful information just for families. After hours, the dean-on-call may be reached by calling Public Safety at 609-258-1000. Led by senior faculty members, these programs allow families and alumni to enjoy the benefits of a Princeton education while forging friendships within the University community. Can I still enroll in the Monthly Payment Plan? Parents and families of graduating students are invited to celebrate their students' graduation at various Commencement events. Families of Princeton undergraduate students have a secure website, Tiger Family Hub, to update contact information, access pertinent University services and systems, and find other family-related resources.

For example, Princeton has waived the $3500 student contribution and has carefully constructed budgets for students living remotely when not invited to campus. 3e. We plan to announce if fall semester will be offered residentially or remotely in early July.

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