porsche 944 audi engine swap

Well guys, the hunt for the head continues. The cool thing about the ls engines are that the 4.8/5.3 /6.0 v8 family truck engines all mount up. Location: A Rock Surrounded by a Whole lot of Water. I am done with that . However I also hate the buzz of the GM V6 so that is a factor, I do not recall the Ford V6 being as annoying though. That's much more time involved, cost goes up. With the 944's weight is prolly of concern and the later aluminum block truck engines would fit the bill too. Pelican Parts Catalog for Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, MINI and More. I'd suggest getting a 1.8L Audi motor and a big turbo. Cool thanks, lots of interesting swap info on 924board.org Personally I'm hoping someone comes up with a 60 degree V6 swap that makes good power and makes power brakes and the steering shaft issues easier to manage. What are they made out of? The LS swap must be the most done engine swap on the planet. I have a '87 951 that is right at 275hp at 14-psi and its party on 4 wheels when it comes on. Happy to facilitate the job, if that would help. Our Porsche 944 1.8T Engine Conversion install kit is a direct fit, no chassis modification necessary!

My friends shop has performed a few swaps with the 944 and 928.

My neighbor finished his 3.6 swapped SC and is now finishing up an LS1 944. The 951 is the Porsche internal designation for the turbocharged version of the 944.

Do not run that head with any abuse.

Well I understand the desire for more hp in a non turbo 944 (as the chassis is so capable), on a turbocharged 944 350hp is reliably attainable (I'm not a purist either). It reflects poorly on an owner (or their mechanic) if a timing belt breaks and damages the motor. Porsche took the front-engine transaxle equipped successor to the 924 and boosted it to 220 horsepower…but that doesn’t matter for todays 951, because it has a Chevrolet LS1 V8 borrowed from a Pontiac GTO squeezed into the engine bay. My 944S had it's demise due to a snapped timing belt , a belt that was installed by a pro AND retensioned and it didn't last 12,000 miles ! I wasn't planning on running it at all in its condition, mainly because the first issue with abuse is it will strike water. I guess we will see if they still stand behind that service. Those will fall out in chunks and junk your motor.

Porsche 944 1.8T Engine Conversion: Stage 2 385+ HP . Never liked those builds personally. Porsche didn't really leave a lot on the table when they designed the 944 engine. Just me. Interesting - never thought of a v6 swap. They’re cool and the numbers are there but IMHO there’s more to the experience of driving than just numbers. My car made 327HP to the rear wheels. The 951 had a blown #2 piston through the oil pan. Cnc or cast? I converted an 87 944 turbo with a LS1 out of a 2004 GTO. Not sure why but a 944 or 951 chassis with a GM LS engine swap sounds interesting .

Link to updated build log (spring removal at the end): Pelican Parts Catalog for Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, MINI and More. by Motor Werks Racing PATENT PENDING.

I had a 944S and it was well balanced . I would go with the new head. I think a flat 6 has been done in a partial tube chassis, probably done to keep a Porsche engine in the car for PCA racing. One of our members is installing a 1.8t. It's a thought. Not sure if you're willing to ship, but Aluminum Head Rebuilders here in Portland is one of the best on the left coast. I’ve had several 944s and like them for what they are. For many years things had an air cooled VW engine stuck in them. My wife could drive the car, very manageable or you could steer it with the rear wheels. Last thought. I could see where 350 hp could wake it up , Location: somewhere between here and there. Ask around and also watch their classifieds.

I did my 928.

Accompanying that is the cost - however, if work does need done I will take it somewhere to do it right if it happens to be out of my reach. I daily drove it for 9 years with nothing more than oil changes and scheduled maintenance. Wouldn't it be fairly heavy? 20 Duck Thurmond Road Bldg C, Dawsonville, GA, 30534, USA, 1.8T Engine Installation Components Now Available, Porsche 944 1.8T Engine Conversion Stage 1, Porsche 944 1.8T Engine Conversion Stage 2, Porsche 944 1.8T Engine Conversion Stage 3, 1.8T Porsche Boxster / Cayman 987 Engine Conversion by Motor Werks Racing, Porsche 986 Boxster 2.1L Engine Conversion, 1.8T Engine Conversion For Porsche 924S / 944. Came across a non running 924 the other day and thought about this.

Once you cam, springs, and power adder. If I wanted to do an insane build I’d get an old MR2 or Miata or something and shove something ridiculous in there.

He's very detail oriented.

You're in the expensive ls territory regarding hp and a fraction of the cost. It will be a hit though - my 944 engine is SOHC with 8 valves, this engine is DOHC with 20 valves. With professional, experienced, and warrantied head work being so cheap, not sure what would motivate one to do it at home... Rastamonsta, I do have places to take the head - however, I value the skill and understanding to do it myself and I also have a junk head to practice on. It'll fit, and there's a lot of info available on getting massive power out of those engines. Never heard of them coming apart in chunks but there's always the possibility. Become a member over at quattro world and get on the urs4/urs6 forum. Several people I knew that had previously had 944/951 in the past that drove it said this is what should have been built from the factory. Maybe that’s snobbish (probably is) and I respect the build effort for those that do it and definitely wouldn’t turn down an opportunity to drive one but not for me.

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