osrs bosses easiest to hardest

So, starting off, the easiest boss, or set of bosses in Old School Runescape has to be the Barrows Brothers. hide. He drops the Dragon Pickaxe at a rate of 1 in 256, and he also drops the Ring of the Gods, which is almost 10 000 000. It is possible to earn up to 2 000 000 per hour killing Zulrah with good gear and weapons, and he also drops the pet at a rate of 1 in 4000. This time we go through OSRS bosses and rank them based off of a few different variables that I consider when bossing.Mostly based on the enjoy-ability of the boss fight, the money making potential of the boss, and the long term enjoy-ability (suprisingly not the same as short term). This spider drops the Treasonous Ring, which is only 650 000 at the moment, and he also drops the pet approximately every 3000 kills. For example, I'd say BM DPS would rank lower than QBD in difficulty. To kill him and his hellhounds effectively, you should have at least 70 in all of the combat stats, and you can do it with more than one person. Next is the King Black Dragon in a team. Same with Telos.

You will also need Protect from Range, so 40 Prayer, to kill him. Venenatis, the Wilderness Spider Boss, is very similar to Callisto, and has the same requirements. You should always have a phase diagram next to you when you are killing him.

With a super high difficulty, she has really horrible drops, and her most valuable is the Dragon Chain Body, which drops at a rate of 1 in 128. 1.6k. He also drops the uncut Onyx. To kill the Giant Mole, all you need is around base 60 Melee combat stats, and at least level 43 Prayer for Protect from Melee. If you take a team of two or three people, you can really easily just outdo the healers, so you don’t need a freeze spell. The Saradomin boss, Zilyana, can be fairly easy to kill with really high stats, and stamina potions, with the hit and run method. It would take a bit of time to get the hang of Rex and the spawns, but once you understand where you need to stand to just solo Rex, and none of the others, it becomes a piece of cake.

But, in a team of people with above 70 Range, you can really easily kill him, and kill him very quickly. The Corporeal Beast has to be the hardest boss in the game. So, I’m not going to be including the bosses like the Slayer Bosses because you need to kill them on a Slayer task. This video is my opinion and from my experience and includes loot, requirements and methods of killing. But, he can get really tedious and annoying without the Hard Falador Achievement Diary, which gives the Mole locator. He drops the Sigils, which are used to make each of the Spirit Shields, and he also has a lot of other vary valuable drops. Killing her in a team can be kind of effective, but it’s not really possible to do the hit and run method with more than 1 person. OSRS Bosses From Worst to Best | Runescape Rankings - YouTube He drops the Tyrannical Ring, which is about 2 500 000 at the moment, and he also drops the cub which I think has to be one of the cutest pets in the game, at a rate of 1 in 2000. Now, provided you have an experienced tank, Bandos is probably the easiest God Wars Boss to kill.

When there are more than 7 or 8 people in the room, he starts healing himself to scale for the amount of people there. Six bosses must be defeated: Agrith Na-Na, Flambeed, Karamel, Dessourt, Gelatinnoth Mother and the Culinaromancer himself. He drops the Bandos armour pieces and he also drops the pet Graardor at a rate of 1 in 5000. Cookies help us deliver our Services. He drops the Chaos Elemental pet at a rate of 1 in 300, and he drops the Dragon Pickaxe at a rate of 1 in 256. https://twitter.com/SmallExpLampRSGE-Tracker Website https://www.ge-tracker.com/?ref=smallexplampJoin the Discord https://discord.gg/Uq6zYtsHit Up The Clan SmallexplampIf there is anything you think I could improve upon make sure to let me know about it down in a commentAnd as always keep up to date by subscribing to my channel====================================OSRS Bosses From Worst to Best | Runescape Rankings 112 comments. The last few especially were a bit awkward to rank, take them with a grain of salt. Kree’arra, the Armadyl boss, is a fairly simple boss to kill, but it can hit up to 71 if you are not using Protect from Ranged. He also drops the pet at a rate of 1 in 2000, but you need to keep in mind that kills take up to 5 minutes with Vet’ion. All of these are dropped at a rate of 1 in 512, and they are all worth well over 2 000 000. If you enjoyed it your learned something, be sure to leave a like.

4 Easy Bosses for HUGE Profits (OSRS) Updated: Oct 24, 2018. TBH I find KBD to be easier than mole and Barrows brothers with a super-antifire. Next is Callisto, and there is a safe spot for Callisto. Next is Vet’ion, and in my opinion, he should only ever be killed from the safe spot. https://twitch.tv/smallexplampTweets For Days. I’m also not going to include any of the demi-bosses like the Chaos Fanatic and the Crazy Archaeologist. The hardest part about Dagannoth Rex is getting into the dungeon.

Zulrah is a solo only boss, and is second last on my list here. If you were solo with the King Black Dragon, I’d rank it a lot higher than this, since he hits very, very consistently. But, the Vet’ion safe spot is far easier to manoeuvre, so I have ranked Callisto a bit harder. But, of course it is still not easy for lower level players.

1.3k. I’m going to make a guide on that soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

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