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Plus, you could carry a love seat home in it.

The major changes involved installing the 1,558 cc engine, together with the same close-ratio gearbox as the Elan. Yes, please keep me informed via e-mail about polls, news and offers from Classic Trader. The Lotus engine produced 105 horsepower in stock form, which nearly doubled the output of cars like the Triumph Spitfire. This Lotus Cortina Estate is one of a kind, and Bob wants to see it admired. Whilst in the current ownership, 59133 has been raced regularly in U2TC with many podiums and a pole position.

“A Lotus is never finished, but I enjoy working on it as much as anything else,” Bob answers.

On completion of the work, the car was not collected for an unknown reason, and remained at the back of the workshop. Bob swapped in the five-speed transmission and rear disc brakes from a later Merkur, while the interior and exterior sport all of the correct Lotus touches. As many of these pieces of engineering age and mature, a greater appreciation develops and more often than not they begin to be considered as art in motion.

Its name is an inspiration from the Italian ski resort that hosted the 1956 Winter Olympics, Cortina d’Ampezzo. 1965 LHD FORD CORTINA MK 1 GT. It won the British Saloon Car Championship with Jim Clark in 1964. The Cortina Lotus was a high-performance sports saloon that was inspired by the Mark 1.

or Best Offer. If that isn’t the best of both worlds, we’re not sure what is. He’s not afraid to drive it–and has even taken it around Watkins Glen–but his favorite venues are shows “where people know what it is, and will appreciate that.”.

Colin Chapman’s chance came when he commissioned close friend and former BRM and Coventry Climax designer Harry Mundy to design a twin-cam version of the Ford Kent engine. Most recently 59133 was raced by our own Ben Mitchell at the 76th Goodwood Members’ Meeting. As many of us can attest, bad things can happen when the Bring a Trailer website and late hours mix. Why the changes?

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Has been in storage for many years and would be a great project restoration. Please fill in the form below to register your interest and one of our team will get in touch with you soon.

Ford supplied the 2-door Cortina body shells and took care of all the marketing and selling of the cars, whilst Lotus did all the mechanical and cosmetic changes. A Mk1 Lotus Cortina, restored to FIA specifications by Cortina ace Andy Wolfe as his personal car, co-driven by Rob Hall, and raced with much success with many wins, through to selling to the current owners in 2011.

£12,990.00. V6 is healthy and mechanically sound with its original Lotus Gearbox and Salisbury diff. Sharing with Rob Hall, Andy fought hard against the Vozayides/Hadfield car, as anyone who was around at the time will remember. Its design included revised headlights, a flattened roof, a wider slatted grille meant to increase aerodynamics and larger glass area, among other changes. As one of the first aeroflow cars, 59133 was built in a cross-over period with the a-frame rear suspension layout as a Lotus Cortina Mk1. Good question, and fortunately a fairly easy one to answer. Instead, he collected everything necessary to make this 150-horsepower screamer look just like it would if Colin Chapman had assembled it himself. In the same month as the car’s first outing at the Oulton Park Gold Cup meeting, they finishing 3rd and 4th behind two Ford Galaxies and beat the 3.8 litre Jaguars which had been dominant in saloon car racing for so long.

Pop quiz: How many Cortina Estates did Lotus build?

Two variations were made for the Ford Cortina Mark I: The Ia was designed with elliptical front side lights while the Ib had its front grille redesigned, making it more rectangular. The pairing claimed several wins with 59133 before it was sold to the current owners in 2011. The suspension, especially to the rear, was quite radically altered, replacing the semi-elliptic leaf springs with a special A-frame supporting coil springs located by trading arms and server assisting disc brakes fitted to the front with wide rim steal wheels. In around 1971, 59133 had been taken to a garage in Newmarket for some service work. Coming from a background in Lotus Elans–which shared the Lotus twin-cam engine with the Cortina–he knew what had to be done: It was time to build a fitting tribute to the Lotus Cortina, one that would haul ass and quite a bit more at the same time.

0 bids. The standard version of the Ford Cortina was never used for racing, but it did benefit from the success of the Ford Cortina Lotus.


Keith Duckworth from Cosworth played an important part in tuning of the engine. The car first raced the Oulton Park Gold Cup in September 1963 where it emerged 3rd and 4th.


To the average person, the visual cues were all that separated a Lotus Cortina from the rank-and-file cars–until the Lotus Cortina driver nailed the gas.

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You already have a Classic Trader account? This Lotus Cortina, chassis number BA74EP59133, was produced by Ford England at their Dagenham plant in April 1965.

As a Mk1 Lotus Cortina restored to FIA specification, 59133 is a fantastic route into historic touring car racing. Ford cortina mk2 crayford .

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The Ford Cortina Mark III came in the wake of the merging of Ford of Britain and Ford of Germany forming Ford of Europe. |

The engine’s first appearance was in 1962 at the Nurburgring in a Lotus 23 driven by Jim Clark. It was produced from 1963 to 1970. Here’s a simple analogy: The Shelby GT350 is to the Ford Mustang as the Lotus Cortina is to the Ford Cortina. U guys inspired me to buy a Alfa Spider, in intermediate to sad shape. Ending Today at 9:05PM GMT 3h 44m Collection in person.

These included the Ex – Heinz-Harald Frentzen, San Marino Grand Prix…, We will be present again at Retromobile Paris next week, with our stand 1M090, in the same location as usual.

I replied, that i love a story like this. Sep 19, 2019 The illustrated non-EUR-price are approximations and commercial roundings. The LOTUS ‘Wagon”  But my finger hit wrong button so start over.

The unmistakable lines of the Lotus Cortina, mid corner, hard on the the throttle, the front inside wheel raised in the air and Jim Clark behind the wheel still has to be one of the most evocative images of any motorsport to this day.

Ford of Britain built the first model, the Ford Cortina Mark I in 1962 with Roy Brown Jr. designing the car. Site by TILT Web Design Wordpress Developer. As far as sporty cars go, the Lotus Cortina is actually quite practical. Please reduce your search criteria. This Cortina Estate popped up for sale, and Bob happened to be between projects. The bodywork part of the project was fairly easy, as somehow this car was mostly free of rust. | Posted in Ford Cortina was Ford of Britain’s post-war attempt at a family car that resulted in one of the most successful vehicle models of such a category in the United Kingdom during the 1970s. Whilst the engine was being developed, Walter Hayes of the Ford Motor Company, keen to produce a sports/racing version of their standard saloons, asked Colin Chapman if he would fit the engine to 1,000 Ford saloons for Group 2 homologation.

Ihre gemerkten Fahrzeuge finden Sie auch in Ihrer Merkliste, EUR 65,000JPY 7,953,400BGN 127,127CZK 1,771,315DKK 484,029GBP 58,635HUF 23,884,250PLN 300,443RON 316,712SEK 673,725CHF 69,537ISK 10,686,000NOK 721,110HRK 492,362RUB 6,009,939TRY 636,610AUD 107,660BRL 439,446CAD 101,114CNY 508,027HKD 589,589IDR 1,112,041,450ILS 259,226INR 5,662,248KRW 86,073,000MXN 1,614,704MYR 315,822NZD 114,172PHP 3,681,275SGD 103,688THB 2,368,535ZAR 1,237,334, The 1965 Alan Mann Racing Lotus Cortina ‘KPU390C’, EUR 27,900JPY 3,413,844BGN 54,567CZK 760,303DKK 207,760GBP 25,168HUF 10,251,855PLN 128,959RON 135,943SEK 289,184CHF 29,847ISK 4,586,760NOK 309,523HRK 211,337RUB 2,579,651TRY 273,253AUD 46,211BRL 188,624CAD 43,401CNY 218,061HKD 253,070IDR 477,322,407ILS 111,268INR 2,430,411KRW 36,945,180MXN 693,081MYR 135,561NZD 49,006PHP 1,580,116SGD 44,506THB 1,016,648ZAR 531,102, EUR 107,611JPY 13,167,271BGN 210,465CZK 2,932,505DKK 801,335GBP 89,995HUF 39,541,629PLN 497,399RON 524,334SEK 1,115,387CHF 115,122ISK 17,691,234NOK 1,193,835HRK 815,131RUB 9,949,769TRY 1,053,941AUD 178,236BRL 727,525CAD 167,400CNY 841,065HKD 976,096IDR 1,841,042,960ILS 429,163INR 9,374,148KRW 142,498,367MXN 2,673,227MYR 522,860NZD 189,019PHP 6,094,544SGD 171,661THB 3,921,234ZAR 2,048,471, EUR 55,000JPY 6,729,800BGN 107,569CZK 1,498,805DKK 409,563GBP 49,614HUF 20,209,750PLN 254,221RON 267,988SEK 570,075CHF 58,839ISK 9,042,000NOK 610,170HRK 416,614RUB 5,085,333TRY 538,670AUD 91,096BRL 371,838CAD 85,558CNY 429,869HKD 498,883IDR 940,958,150ILS 219,346INR 4,791,132KRW 72,831,000MXN 1,366,288MYR 267,234NZD 96,608PHP 3,114,925SGD 87,736THB 2,004,145ZAR 1,046,974, Der seltenste unter den MK2 Lotus Cortinas, EUR 54,000JPY 6,607,440BGN 105,613CZK 1,471,554DKK 402,116GBP 48,712HUF 19,842,300PLN 249,599RON 263,115SEK 559,710CHF 57,769ISK 8,877,600NOK 599,076HRK 409,039RUB 4,992,872TRY 528,876AUD 89,440BRL 365,078CAD 84,002CNY 422,053HKD 489,812IDR 923,849,820ILS 215,357INR 4,704,021KRW 71,506,800MXN 1,341,446MYR 262,375NZD 94,851PHP 3,058,290SGD 86,141THB 1,967,706ZAR 1,027,939, EUR 78,000JPY 9,544,080BGN 152,552CZK 2,125,578DKK 580,835GBP 70,362HUF 28,661,100PLN 360,532RON 380,055SEK 808,470CHF 83,444ISK 12,823,200NOK 865,332HRK 590,834RUB 7,211,927TRY 763,932AUD 129,191BRL 527,335CAD 121,337CNY 609,632HKD 707,507IDR 1,334,449,740ILS 311,072INR 6,794,697KRW 103,287,600MXN 1,937,645MYR 378,986NZD 137,007PHP 4,417,530SGD 124,426THB 2,842,242ZAR 1,484,800, EUR 44,572JPY 5,453,796BGN 87,173CZK 1,214,624DKK 331,908GBP 40,000HUF 16,377,879PLN 206,019RON 217,176SEK 461,986CHF 47,683ISK 7,327,591NOK 494,479HRK 337,622RUB 4,121,128TRY 436,535AUD 73,824BRL 301,336CAD 69,336CNY 348,364HKD 404,292IDR 762,547,694ILS 177,756INR 3,882,709KRW 59,021,872MXN 1,107,233MYR 216,565NZD 78,290PHP 2,524,319SGD 71,101THB 1,624,149ZAR 848,463, EUR 59,900JPY 7,329,364BGN 117,152CZK 1,632,335DKK 446,051GBP 54,035HUF 22,010,255PLN 276,870RON 291,863SEK 620,864CHF 64,081ISK 9,847,560NOK 664,531HRK 453,731RUB 5,538,390TRY 586,661AUD 99,212BRL 404,966CAD 93,180CNY 468,166HKD 543,329IDR 1,024,788,967ILS 238,887INR 5,217,979KRW 79,319,580MXN 1,488,012MYR 291,042NZD 105,214PHP 3,392,436SGD 95,552THB 2,182,696ZAR 1,140,250.

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