kenneth walker rap sheet

“They reminded you of two little old people yelling at each other trying to tell each other what to do — mostly her trying to tell him what to do — but you couldn’t break them apart.”. If the boyfriend did relocate to a specific room & that specific room WAS the room riddled with surpressing fire, then this Officer’s reaction was also justified & NOT simply random indiscrete firing. I would like to know what media had this information and sat on it and allowed this false narrative to evolve. They knocked, identified themselves as police, waited for a response after several attempts.

AND to top it all off her family, which may well have benefited from her criminal activity, got 12 million from the City. No police officers were charged with the death of Breonna Taylor because they were responding to being fired upon. The AG avoided answering that question directly and I don’t think he should have. Why do police, prosecutors, and other authorities ALLOW things to FESTER for SO LONG? Powered by.

( Log Out /  She could have been behind him and he ducked.

But these days, so many media outlets are “Vanity Projects” owned by Billionaire Globalists. Last week, the city of Louisville said it would pay $12 million to Ms. Taylor’s estate as part of a legal settlement with her family.

The media claimed Breonna Taylor was shot in her bed – False. Taylor would have turned 27 years old today. He didn’t get to go to her funeral.”, READ NEXT: Brett Hankison: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know, Kenneth Walker, Breonna Taylor’s Boyfriend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know, Copyright © 2020 Heavy, Inc. All rights reserved.

This is sarcasm (I think). The only thing that will change their behavior is a lot more Nick Sandman’s. letjust…., in case you haven’t noticed, no one “goes public” unless they support the narrative. “When you are shot at and when you see a loved one basically executed in front of you, you never recover from that,” Romines said. When Taylor was laid to rest at the Greater Friendship Baptist Church on March 21, Walker was not able to attend.

He claimed that the police never announced themselves. ( Log Out / 

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The charges have officially been dropped but without prejudice. And this common denominator element in almost every one of them: Illicit Drugs! “Brett Hankison, who did not shoot any person, was charged with “wonton endangerment” for haphazardly firing 10 shots that entered the adjacent apartment unit.”, SUPRESSING FIRE!! If you recall that kind of information WAS released in the Ferguson case by authorities but it didn’t matter.

Today the shooting was ruled justified as the police were responding to being fired upon by Ms. Taylor’s boyfriend Kenneth Walker.

On May 26, Attorney General Tom Wine said that he would not be pressing charges against Walker as of now, but that he might decide otherwise, pending an FBI investigation of that evening. Cops returned fire. Because of the media’s lies, the media and the media people who sold these lies, people have been beaten, assaulted, and harassed.

Unbelievable. Taylor’s sister, Ju’Niyah Palmer, told VICE. Mostly because we will never know whether Walker believed the intruders were cops or just drug dealers claiming to be cops. This human shield thing is the only logical conclusion but since the left doesn’t deal in logical conclusions, they are going to believe that while the police were being shot at by this man, they decided to shoot the woman who was not in front of the man. “I believe that the independent investigation by the attorney general’s office in Kentucky, the F.B.I. I live in a lily white county in NY and the local sheriff and his deputies are no bargain.

What I DON’T get: In this case, AND SO MANY OTHERS JUST LIKE IT, the lies started to spread EARLY, but there was NOTHING SAID OR DONE by authorities to counter the BLM propaganda. ( Log Out /  Taylor's boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, has said he heard pounding at the door, but he did not hear anyone announce they were police. Seems to me that all these ‘events’ have on thing in common…resisting arrest.

It doesn’t help that our elected sheriff is a Dem while the county is still mostly Repub at least for now. “I didn’t mean to,” Walker said. Not that it matters, but I don’t think that is the only logical conclusion.

According to evidence revealed at a press conference by AG Daniel Cameron, the police executed a search warrant by knocking on the door. I am not a lawyer and this is a bit confusing to me. What happened here was a tragedy but there are good reasons why many people have lost respect for the police and LEOs. But, the vital difference is that this was not a “no-knock” search warrant.

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Sundance, I want to add this: People used to be able to exert some degree of control over media by what they bought or watched. His lawyer has argued this was a botched police raid. They had planned to name their baby KenBre, a combination of the first three letters of each of their names. These people need to be prevented from owning media outlets, in my opinion, with perhaps also limiting the number of outlets owned by an entity! Walker is a native of Louisville, Kentucky and was with Taylor for “years,” the Louisville-Courier Journal reported. She was hit 6 times, but I haven’t seen where he was hit at all.

it is not so much that the media lies; it is that a whole bunch of hate-filled people want them to lie and already believe the bad stuff, long before it is disproven.

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