kansas river oregon trail game

If no ferry was available and the river was deep, then the only options were to wait for the river level to go down (provided that no additional rain fell), or to caulk the wagon and float it across the river like a boat (without the oxen attached) – a rather risky operation. Even though you have 2000 pounds of food, keep going at grueling/bare bones until your health starts to really suffer. These problems may arise at some point and can be a factor in accomplishing the journey.

In the final version of the game, your guide always makes the decision for you, and he always makes the best choice between fording and floating the wagon, given the current circumstances. You can safely ignore all forts and other landmarks (but you may want to buy supplies at a fort if something goes wrong), other than rivers which must be passed. In the finished game, when the player arrives at a river crossing, the first few screens provide a context to the player, and also allow the player to talk to people at the landmark, which can provide additional context and useful hints. Fort Laramie is special because it marks the point where you flip the disk to the other side. If the player chose carpenter, the points will be doubled. There are several basic things that you need to know about this game. This will probably take a little over a month in game time. If you're a banker, you can start with such luxuries as: I recommend these if you want a really easy game. Unfortunately, the guide does not warn you if the river current is too swift for a safe crossing. So, better watch these things to successfully reach Oregon. I was determined to make the situation as realistic as possible – both in terms of the decisions that must be made, and the likely consequences of those decisions. This will be the start of trials and challenges along the way. If so, go ahead with the ferry, bearing in mind it will deduct a point from your final score (two points for carpenter, three points for farmer), as $5.00 is one point. When you reach the Kansas River Crossing, check the water level. If you're a banker, do whatever you want. Accidents were still too frequent, and players concluded that hiring a guide was useless. I wonder if we can download the game and play it offline. While traveling, valuable items can be found. The inclusion of river crossings was one of the key innovations in my design for The Oregon Trail – a feature which had not been present in the original version of OREGON. As I conducted my research prior to designing the game, I learned that the overlanders to Oregon had to cross a lot of rivers. https://gamicus.gamepedia.com/The_Oregon_Trail/Walkthrough?oldid=102799. Click the Start button using your mouse and wait for the game to load all the necessary data to start. As we brainstormed and sketched out ideas, we eventually hit upon a simple but effective concept. During the course of the Oregon trail game, travelers will face many obstacles. At the end of the game, points are awarded according to the chosen profession of the leader, number and health of surviving parties, cash on hand, and remaining resources. The Oregon Trail was often found throughout school classrooms throughout North America in the mid 1980s through late 1990s. When hunting, do not bother shooting small game like rabbits; they're not worth the price in points. If the river was low and slow, then the river was typically forded. I wish that we had been able to include these details in the actual product, but we did not have the space or the time to do so. So I built a river model that took into account the amount of recent rainfall on a sliding scale – the more recent the rainfall, the greater the impact. So you will pass by Fort Kearney and Chimney Rock.

Likewise, for floating across the river or taking a ferry, I first created a complete scenario, and then I converted the scenario into a detailed algorithm – which I later fine-tuned as we tested the results. The Oregon Trail was often found throughout school classrooms throughout North America in the mid 1980s through late 1990s. Hunt until you get 2000 pounds of food, which is the maximum your wagon can carry. All of this provided a rich set of possibilities for a simulated river crossing. Furthermore, after 3 or 4 crossings, there would be little educational value in including more. It may seem tough, and doing well as a farmer might seem impossible. This guide currently covers the original Apple II version. There are many obstacles the leader and his parties may face while traveling to Oregon. furrykef beat the game with a score of 8079 without too much effort, though it took a lot of luck. But if the river is between 2.5 feet and 5 feet deep, then the losses are less serious. Discovered in 1846 when the Donner party were delayed by high waters on the Blue River. But from the standpoint of gameplay, it was better to include only a small number of river crossings in the game.

But if the weather had been dry in the days before a river crossing, then the river should be shallower and safer than average. Once started, use your computer’s keyboard to complete the game. For each of three principal methods of crossing (ford, float, or ferry), I first wrote up a detailed scenario of possible outcomes. If you choose to ford the river and your crossing is successful, then the animation looks like this as you approach the opposite bank of the river: The animation when you float across the river looks like this: If the crossing is not successful, then you see the wagon overturn in the middle of the river, and then an announcement tells you what losses you suffered: The animation for taking a ferry looks like this: I still needed to create the algorithms for hiring an Indian to assist in the crossing. The Oregon Trail consists of three parts: Independence, Missouri is the starting point of the trail. If you waste too many bullets, they will add up and subtract from your score. The player will name them according to his preference. I felt that a fully realized river-crossing module would provide a great educational opportunity, in addition to enriching the overall gameplay. The near shore of the river would recede, and soon the far shore would appear.

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