is there a problem with telus optik tv

Submit your review of the Optik TV customers care service. The chat ensures quality assurance and prompt support for any queries. Can I take a lower Netflix subscription plan instead of Premium as part of my Optik TV package? Can I get a partial refund?

Your Optik TV account gives you access to the Optik TV app when you are using a web browser or Android tablet/smartphone. If it doesn't give you the information you need, head to its forum board for active discussions or to start a new discussion. Optik TV services, according to their customers’ reviews, just keep getting better. It doesn't appear in any feeds, and anyone with a direct link to it will see a message like this one. We will need to disconnect your incorrect account and re-authorize to your proper account.

What do I do?

Access device-specific support topics and interactive tutorials. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Here you can connect and get answers to specific questions and learn about other customers’ experiences.

Customers prefer Optik TV as it is the only premium service in Canada that offers entertainment bundles within the TV packages.

2Shay, Business Number IT03389280367 - All contents are protected by Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 Canada (CC BY-NC-SA 2.5 CA).

By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. If you’re new to Netflix, you’ll be asked to create an account using the email address that you provided to TELUS. Will my Netflix still work on other devices if I have it as part of my Optik TV package? No. webpage and suggestions on how to improve. Remove Netflix from your Optik TV package, then apply the gift cards as a payment method with Netflix directly. Can I still activate? As part of the new Optik TV package, TELUS offers Third-Party Billing for subscription services like Netflix.

It offers exceptional customer care services and technical For assistance, please call TELUS at 1-888-811-2323 and speak to a customer representative.

Experiencing a problem with your TELUS product or service? Can I use Netflix gift cards with Optik TV? Cables have been changed, tested and new wires to the house have been changed.

As TELUS pro-rates billing for the remaining days in the month, any overlapping bill inquires can be directed to Netflix via their Help Center: https://help.netflix.com.

The website also allows customers to give feedback on their Read about when and why My TELUS is replacing Optik TV accounts and benefits of having a My TELUS account.

Other ways to reach out to them for prompt responses are: If you are an active user and have a My TELUS account, you can access the customer support team through this link.

Users can also opt for live chat with customer care representatives. Optik TV allows customers to choose their TV package according to their likes, for which it charges a custom subscription fee.

There are issues with compatibility between the YouTube app and certain TV models (such as the LG UH8500).

You will need your account number when you register (your account number can be found at the top of your bill). I’ve never signed up for Netflix before.

What’s the process? No, but you can still use your gift cards. After signing-in to your My TELUS account, scroll down to the Premium Content section and select Link my Netflix account, you’ll be directed to Netflix to activate your account with Optik TV.

head to its forum board for active discussions or to start a new discussion. When you select Netflix as part of your Optik TV package, you’ll automatically be upgraded to a Premium Netflix subscription. Its active knowledge base allows users to find answers to their queries immediately. Follow TELUS OptikTV on Twitter under the handle @TELUSsupport. I live in Maple Ridge BC and it has not been working for 2 hrs that I know of. relationships. To continue accessing your subscriptions on the Optik TV app, you just need to use your My TELUS account. It provides step-by-step guidelines on how to set-up the account, to subscribe to packages, to get information on services, etc. You’ll be able to use this account to access Netflix on other devices.

Is there a problem with On Demand tonight? If I’m existing Netflix subscriber, does anything change with my Netflix account once I activate with Optik TV (My List, Preferences, etc)? If you are an existing Netflix subscriber, you’ll be asked to validate your email address and password, and confirm if you would like to activate it with TELUS. This option is available on the side bar of the web page. If you have not previously signed in to Netflix on Optik TV, do so now using the account information you activated with TELUS. Is there a problem with Telus Optik TV? Sorry, this post was deleted by the person who originally posted it.

We are currently working on resolving this issue with our partners. Re: Anyone having problems with Telus Optik tv? Yes.

Contact us and we’ll help re-authenticate you to your proper account.

The packages cost up to $65-$100 per month for a two-year term. If the email address provided does not match your Netflix account email, you can sign-in with your correct email to activate your account with TELUS. Customers may choose their packages according to their budget and desired content experience. For new Optik TV customers, you can sign up for Optik TV and add Netflix as your Premium Content selection.

Contact us and we’ll help re-authenticate and secure your account. Optik TV services, according to their customers’ reviews, just keep getting better. Users are also allowed to join the TELUS Forums where you can participate in forum discussions and communities. Once you add Netflix to your Optik TV package, you’ll be sent an email with instructions on how to create an account and activate it with Optik TV. Optik TV Canada is one of TELUS TV’s IPTV-based television services. You can also visit your nearest TELUS store for assistance. Every effort has been made to properly capitalize, punctuate, identify and attribute trademarks and tradenames to their respective owners, including the use of ® and ™ (TM) wherever possible and practical. You’ll receive the Netflix activation instructions again where you’ll be able to connect your proper account. No, as long as your Optik TV service continues at your new address. https://www.telus.com/en/support/contact-us/escalations, Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 Canada (CC BY-NC-SA 2.5 CA). Yes.

How do I activate my proper Netflix account? The online access allows you to pay your bills, upgrade your account, and manage TV channels. 0 comments. This will only be used for provisioning and setup of your Netflix account. Alternatively, you can activate on your current Netflix subscription by accessing the Netflix App on your Optik TV 4K digital box.

With your My TELUS account, you will unlock more TELUS services for free: If you have multiple Optik TV services and use Optik TV accounts to access one or more of their services on the Optik TV App, we have made improvements to My TELUS to ensure you can access any of your Optik TV services on the Optik TV App.

There are various self-support tools and resources that will help customers throughout the entire process. Submit your review of the Optik TV customers care service. For direct communication, you can call them. To help us improve this website, we'd love to hear your feedback. Through this option, the support team prioritizes your concerns.

He says they aim to offer customers more flexibility in their packages, more choice, and better value options.

Billing for my Optik TV package and Netflix subscription overlaps. Same thing happened once before the screen gets stuck initializing and I have done all the resets and reboots.

You can manage your account through your mobile or laptop easily, from anywhere. You can just log in to your account on their webpage and send them an email regarding your issue. You can remove your Netflix subscription through your My TELUS Account. 0 comments. If the problems are not this simple the next question is to check how many STB are having a problem. Yes, but you will be responsible for billing directly with Netflix using a payment method of your choice. service is highly inclined towards customer interaction and building This is different from your My TELUS account, which you can also use to access the Optik TV app and manage your TELUS services on telus.com/MyTELUS. share. Not only does this save the customer money but they will also receive an upgrade to a Netflix Premium plan and existing Netflix subscribers can keep their current account.

Forum discussion: In Calgary and received Optik TV and a couple problems have surfaced (btw ... Telus installed all new receivers and router/modem) 1) phone rings (analog line) and …

Learn more about data consumption with Netflix. if your LIVE TV is ok and only your VOD is freezingm Make sure no P2P is running, if you have your itunes running backup on icloud could cause VOD freezing as upstream kills VOD packets. TELUS TV has a wide range of operations spread across British Columbia and Alberta.Optik TV customers have access to 630 digital channels, which includes up to 100 high-definition screens. You’re all ready to go. This shows how TELUS Optik TV Your e-mail address will not be published. The following image shows how Optik TV makes it easier for users to connect with them through a simple three-step guide. Alternatively, you can contact us for support by phone, email, in-store or chat. The secret to Optik TV’s success in Canada is its customer This thread's discussion is locked.

TELUS Optik TV just keeps getting better as entertainment options evolve, according to their Vice President. Now that Netflix is included in my Optik TV package, will Netflix still use my internet bandwidth? I found that the cable box has a usb port behind it, but nothing happens when I plug my usb in.

If I move, does this impact my Netflix subscription? All trademarks, trade names, or logos mentioned or used are the property of their respective owners.

No changes will be made to your My List, your Profiles, or other preferences. Is there a way I can access my use from optik tv?

My email address on account with TELUS is different than the one for my Netflix account. In 2017, over one million customers subscribed to Optik TV.The number of customers keeps increasing. What They Offer. by Mytown » May 11th, 2013, 11:05 pm superhamster wrote: Just turned on my digital box and tv and there's no picture. See if Telus is down or it's just you.

TELUS can help by setting up additional credentials for each of your Optik TV services. If Telus is down right now, we’ll list all the cities and regions affected.

There are new articles added with updated information so the users don’t have to go through the hassle.

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