i want to get rid of my cat but i feel bad

As my husband puts it, it’s like she needs me to be around but she also acts fearful- he says it’s like she sees me as a vengeful god. She’ll sit in other rooms or on our balcony and just meow. Inspect the environment for changes that could be making kitty moody, uncomfortable, or upset. I’m a veterinary student and I have NEVER doubted my profession until now. Animals are animals and kids are people. You’re either conscious or not, which if you’re reading this then you probably are. Then another $150.00 when one scratched the other near the eye and it got infected.

Again, if you find yourself in this boat here’s the play-by-play on what to do if your cat is acting like it hates you. If you’re willing to put in the effort, start by teaching your cat not to run away from you – a simple process that’s easy in theory, but does take persistence to successfully do.

However, the thought of giving her up is to painful. I recently did with my two dogs. Now I’m angry at him. There is clearly something not quite right with the animal, otherwise it wouldn't be pissing everywhere. Oh my god, I use the term “puppy cat” all the time to refer to my snuggly two – you’re the only one I’ve ever heard say they use the term before. Are you serious? Regardless of why a family can’t keep a pet, the ultimate goal of those advertisements is to make sure the pet ends up with a loving family. Negatives of owning cats exist. The biggest issue I’m having is that he eats things he’s not supposed to, like plastic, styrofoam, anything that’s NOT DIGESTIBLE will be the first thing he eats, then he retches and vomits everywhere. I am at a loss for what to do. Obviously, I’m not going to just dump him.

How about this, put the baby in a pram or whatever Americans call it and go walk the dogs that love and rely on you and take your baby with you…. They deserve a life where they can roam around and not be confined in a space and only let out for a little while.

i would get rid too, i don't agree with the more hardcore cat owners who think she should stick with through thick and thin. His purrs calm me on days when I come home stress from work. I think if he really wants to play quite a lot, you need to do a combination of switching to high energy exercise toys (as these will tire him out a lot better than most other cat toys) and investing in a number of toys cats can play with by themselves, so when you’re in the middle of working, you can shoo him off and he can play by himself if he wants to.

Though she was a sweet pup and we were bonded, my health took priority. She can be aggressive, stand-off ish and annoying. I’ve always lived with cats and had no reason to suspect I could be allergic to one. So my cat does scratch me, ruin my new clothes, and he destroys my earbuds. She does it when she hears me coming up the stairs after work. If I could afford veterinary care I’d get it.

….Loosers. But she won’t eat…and the more time I spend trying to convince her to eat… I feel like a monster. I was actually thinking of changing her crunchies, as she doesn’t seem to enjoy them. Adopters and foster families are all selected to be good folks who care about animals and their wellbeing.

I miss him like he’s my child when I’m away.

You hate specific things your cat does (like. Dog lover here. When the 30mins were up I discovered that he defecated on MY blanket on MY bed! I read this article because I recently adopted a cat from a nonprofit organisation, and I don’t know if I’ll keep him. Those people are monsters and don’t deserve to have animals. It’s not the 1700s. Are we glad we made the decision? I thought I was going to lose her and the vet was sure we’d put her down as so many people do in such a situation. She is a nice cat, don’t get me wrong.

Everything I try works briefly. I carried her to her pet and talked to her in a harsh tone while she was growling and yowling. But, I feel guilty, yeah. I think he wants canned cat food but I give that only occasionally. Yes I feel terrible but I feel like I made the right choice for Harvey. She made friends with the other female cat.

I hummed and hawed, until I said yes, and then when we went to the SPCA, they had both been adopted! Unless you’re drunk, then you’re probably pseudo conscious. In your case I’d remember cats especially ones unfixed wander often.Really as a ” dog person” with 3 adult fixed cats I can honestly say cats do whatever they want.You can teach them things THEY want to do.Its not about you lol animals have personalities and instincts.Just like people some animals learn unsociable behaviors some don’t even like other animals.You sound like you did right by this cat some are better as farm cats where they can wander.Theres a rescue in UTAH best friends Message them on FB good luck and God Bless. There’s a lot that’s new and cats aren’t good at dealing with changes, so he needs a little sympathy if you’ve got it in your heart. I don’t like my cat’s personality. Over time, they’ve all gone off to kitty heaven.

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