depth shark tier list

The Hammerhead regains stamina by impacting any solid object. Tier 1: Attack: 32 damage per second, Protect: 30% damage reduction Tier 2: Attack: 40 damage per second, Protect: 40% damage reduction Tier 3: Attack: 48 damage per second, Protect: 50% damage reduction Blue Edit. Actual sharks cannot swim backward, straight up, or straight down as depicted in this game. Thresher is far more effective in high level games than Bull. Good on every map. The Bull shark is one of few sharks in the world that can survive in freshwater. Sharks generally do not kill humans as often as media depicts. Mako: If it wasn't for this shark's miniscule grab hitbox, I'd say this thing was overpowered. 2.

The Great Hammerhead fights tooth and nail as he thrashes and bashes prey to a crimson pulp. Still, if I must rank them it'd be like this: Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. Makos specialize in hit-and-run predation, moving quickly enough to surprise divers before they can react.

The Thresher shark might seem like a creature out of fantasy, but rest assured, it is an actual shark.

Also known as a Fox shark, it has two relatives, Pelagic Thresher and Bigeye Thresher. The shark depicted in the game is a Common Thresher shark, the largest of the known thresher sharks. Some sharks in the game are anatomically female, as they lack the fin claspers that are characteristic of male sharks, and are often larger than real-world males tend to be (females are larger than males across most species). The Tiger is a real man-eater, and his striped hide makes him hard to spot. The Mako applies a Mark to the diver it is facing. The Tiger puts its striped hide to use, allowing it to slip in and out of combat undetected by tracking devices. The Hammerhead shark does not rival any of the other sharks in pure stats but rather excel in its nature of quickly killing of divers then moving on to the next. There are way too many variables involved, skill gap, a lag spike at the worst time, someone having a bad day, someone having a great day etc... Hard to say for me really. Despite their hostile reputation, they are very curious sharks and often attempt to investigate divers and cameras. Tier 3: 60 Damage, Breaks walls and consumables, The Thresher is about as durable as the Mako, yet has none of the thrash-damage that his aforementioned rival has. Thresher sharks are not aggressive to humans and no real records of deaths are attributed to thresher sharks. Try and build up enough speed and lunge at a diver to reach max velocity before impacting a wall. What is your shark tier list? People playstyles varies, some are better at some sharks. Tier 3: Duration: 6s, Now additionally gives HP back. The bull shark, similar to the in-game depiction, is a very aggressive shark and is known to have higher testosterone levels than any other animal, making it one of the most aggressive animals on the planet.

If the target dies while the Mark is active, the killer heals a portion of its health instantly. The stamina received is proportional to the speed and angle of the hit.

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