can slim screener

What triggers your entry?

Add more shares automatically if the price moves 2% to 3% above the entry price. These back-tested statistics just help show that the method is viable.

Ultimately though, if a stock is moving very strongly and everything lines up for a good trade, then the number of shares outstanding isn’t a major concern.

Stocks that don’t perform well can be sold (discussed below) and that capital can be used to pyramid into the stocks that are performing well. If a price falls more than 30% off its high, it may be best to avoid the stock because that big of a decline shows potential weakness and a possible trend reversal.

In How to Make Money in Stocks, O’Neil outlines lots of specific details on what patterns should look like, the different types of pullback patterns you should trade, and when these patterns should be avoided.

This is why it takes time to scan through stocks; we need to find the best trade candidates, not just the first trade setup that comes along. Hi! When they stop moving well, we get out or are stopped out.

Also, watch for big trendline breakouts on pullbacks. What is your system for investing or trading success?

Furthermore, according to the American Association of Individual Investors, CAN SLIM returned 21.8% annualized between 2002 and 2017 (as of March 31st). timeout

Opting to trade one stock over another could create a huge difference in performance if one of those stocks sees a meteoric rise.

The ATR Stops (6,3) is a good place to start, but if you notice on historical data that the indicator resulted in poor exits, adjust it slightly so the indicator better fits the price data. What someone sets their earnings threshold at will affect which stocks are approved for trading. One advantage of the trailing stop loss is that it removes subjectivity. 50% quarterly earnings growth looks good in isolation but what if the company you are looking at is actually at the bottom of the pile in an industry that is just taking off?

If you are trying to time buying stocks that have very weak trends, the odds of success are lower. In other words, when the market is declining it’s going to be harder to pick a winner.

The counter-argument is that the alternate method requires more finesse and analytical ability because we need to be able to see when the pullback has fizzled or when to hold off on taking a trade because it has more downside left. For example, let’s assume you have an entry signal are $45.50. Terms of usage | Privacy Policy | About Us | Contact Us. You want to make bets on companies with solid growth and a viable business model, while at the same time being sensitive to price movements and the actions of other investors in the market. Price Data sourced from NSE feed, price updates are near real-time, unless indicated.

Start by creating a New > Condition (PCF) Formula.

}, Investors.com publishes a list of stocks that fit all the criteria laid down by the CAN SLIM investing system (paid feature, although a few are shown for free).

For example, if a stock is very strong and it just hit $50, the next pullback should ideally only be $5 to $7.50 ($45 to $42.50), before it starts moving up again. Earnings are key when it comes to choosing winners, and O’Neill especially emphasizes quarterly earnings growth.

function() { Institutional sponsorship simply means that large funds in the financial industry are buyers of the company you are interested in. Continue to decrease the number of shares bought at higher prices though, as this keeps the cost base for the trade low.

It’s the idea of supply and demand – you want to focus on companies whose shares have a high amount of demand (as measured by trading volume) and a limited supply (measured by the number of shares outstanding).

What you may be interested to know is whether or not CAN SLIM is the real deal. To master the method, reading (and studying and practicing) the book is recommended. if ( notice ) The CAN SLIM method provides a bit more confirmation that the price is moving higher, but results in sometimes paying a slightly higher price than what is required. 3:1 reward:risk ratio built in. display: none !important; The first scan looks for stocks that exhibit the following criteria. M – Market Direction. Add the newly created RS Rating Condition to your WatchList as shown below. All Rights Reserved. Investors.com (IBD) also provides lots of tools to search for these stocks. AMAT, also discussed earlier, had a descending trendline on a pullback that also provided a viable entry.

Innovation creates excitement, and excitement drives stock prices.

I just compared today’s results to Market Smith.

This shows that it still matters who is pulling the trigger on the trades; knowing the acronym isn’t enough to produce profits–there is still a lot of fine-tuning that needs to be done to pick the best stocks, buy them right and get out at the right time. You will notice that the strategy has an (approx.) The CAN SLIM trading strategy seeks out growth stocks with solid fundamentals and strong price momentum.

O’Neill suggests that 25% annual earnings growth is the minimum threshold for investing in any company, while top stocks will post even better performance numbers than that.

An RS Rating of 1 means the company is in trouble. Name: RS Rating Formula: After a strong stock breaks out from a basing pattern, it will often run 20% to 25% before a significant correction. CAN SLIM is an acronym, one which came out of a study conducted by William O’Neill, on the best-performing stocks from the 1880s to 2008.

A – Annual Earnings (Up) CAN SLIM TC2000 Relative Strength Scan.

The less shares outstanding, the bigger the impact each buy order has, which can lead to large gains. Disable your AdBlocker. Premium Realtime & Alerts. There it forms a tight consolidation for a few weeks, but never really drops. The indicator is not intended for identifying entry points, only possible exits. If it doesn’t drop when the market is, you can expect a rally when the selling pressure on the market eases. In strong trending stocks, the pullbacks tend to fizzle. Disclaimer: This is not investment advice, or a recommendation to buy or sell any particular securities. Not only is it a good sign when hedge funds, pension funds, and stock market legends are increasing ownership of the company but it’s even better when those players are ones who have a strong track record of outperforming the market. N – New High Price, S – Supply/Demand In addition to extremely strong quarterly earnings growth, keep your eye out for high sales growth of at least 25%. If the big boys and girls are interested then you should be too…because those big boys and girls can push prices up for you.

If you can’t answer these questions, chances are you could be doing much better with your trading and investing than you are currently.

Start by creating a New > Condition (PCF) Formula. We could have used the fizzle and consolidate method to gain a bit better entry point on both those trades. Look for strength when major markets are down. Waiting for a daily close that breaks a trendline definitively is one option.

CANSLIM Stock Screener ( with free tools ) CANSLIM method is developed my William O'Neil. While there is no fixed rule that a company should only have 50 million shares outstanding, or something like that, but O’Neil does recommend that typically small cap stocks have the most explosive gains. That said, there is always another entry point somewhere, so even if we do get stopped out at an inopportune time, usually we will be able to get back in and not miss much of the action. ×  This method was not promoted by O’Neil, but is the primary entry method discussed in the Stock Market Swing Trading Video Course, which has many features that align with the CAN SLIM method (while CAN SLIM is called an investing method, many of the trades end up being swing trades if using a daily chart).

A company like Bombardier, for example, can cover up their quarterly earnings by laying off thousands of staff and cutting labor expenses, but it’s just a short-term solution which doesn’t address the real problem – they aren’t selling enough planes.

This can continue until the trade is closed, or you have run out of capital to purchase more stock (or the commissions become too large for the smaller and smaller position sizes). All of the above scan options are built into TC2000 with the exception of one. As a general rule, the best performing companies over the last 100+ years have had P/E ratios well above the average P/E of the S&P 500. The maximum you should allow a stock to go offside is 8%; you can cut losses before that though if the stock isn’t acting right or is weak compared to other positions.

Historical and simulated results may not necessarily reflect future performance. Backtesting considers values as per completed candles of the timeframes, this may cause the results to change for the latest candle/time as its candle is being built.

Rudolph Technologies, discussed above, had two possible entries over March and April. On the chart above, a trendline could have been drawn from the January high to above the March high…and the price broke above it April, right in between the CAN SLIM entry and the consolidation breakout entry.

3 That is adding to positions that show good movement. This scan is great for finding stocks on the rise.

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