black disciples stacking

In an effort to lower their sentences, some of the gang member such as Robert Allen Jr. and Charles Jackson agreed to work the federal prosecutors in prosecuting the other members. Their hand sign is done forming an ‘O’ shape by connecting their thumb tip with the tip of their index finger, leaving out the remaining three fingers hanging straight. Yummy blasted a 9mm pistol into a crowd of kids and accidentally killed young 14 year old Shavon Dean. It didn’t matter what you were doing; if you were laying in bed with the flu, if you were laying in bed with your girl, if you were taking a shit, it didn’t matter, you had to stop everything and rush outside to Mickey when he whistled. In June of 1969, Larry Hoover had completely had enough of the Stones and conferenced with rival David Barksdale instead. The BDs feared that this young of a member would snitch if he were caught by the police. As you can see from this rap sheet, he was no kingpin and was more focused on the activist side of Disciple operations. David Barksdale wanted the same type of plan that Jeff Fort wanted which was to absorb Gangsters and Disciples together as “Black Gangster Disciples,” however, David’s plan would offer Larry to rule alongside David as Barksdale as both men would become “Kings.”  Although this was a merger of concepts it was not a combination into one gang, it was still an alliance but a closer conceptual alliance than what Stones had with the Gangsters.

by David Barksdale, Richard Strong, Dirk Acklin, and Prince Old Timer In 2004 a massive raid by the police swept through this complex as several members were arrested, in the aftermath it was decided the best way to stop the dealings at this complex was to tear the complex down and in 2004 the buildings were razed. The rap sheet begins with the arrest of David Jones, 5 May 65, for Criminal Trespass to Vehicle (dismissed by Judge Comerford). While Crips and Bloods are known to stack, the Black Disciples, one of the largest gangs operating in Chicago, Illinois, do not stack. * On 28 May 68 David L. Barksdale was arrested for aggravated assault, battery and criminal damage to property, but also dismissed (Judge Cerda). Gangs had always been active in the Horners but never took over power and created much significant action until the late 70s and this is when BDs become one of the Henry Horner powers. Founded

This new coalition would become known as the “Black Disciple nation.”  The coalition expanded Disciple boundaries beyond the Englewood, Hyde Park and Kenwood area and put them in further south side neighborhoods like Greater Grand Crossing, Woodlawn, Washington Park as they absorbed up several small black gangs in all these communities causing Disciple numbers to grow into the thousands.

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