best time to hunt deer in west virginia

Find the hot food source and you can have those deer to yourself. Latest. your location.

So the answer to the reporter’s question is simple.

The number of visitors we have received over the years has far Early-season hunts have a few other drawbacks. “It really depends on the region and even on the individual property itself sometimes. More Hunting. modern and mobile friendly website for solunar feeding times. Even if a mature buck slips through the gauntlet of rut-crazed deer hunters, you might not see him, either. Our hypotheses is that this data can be useful to help you pinpoint the whitetail rut in your area and determine peak hunting weeks. If it’s brutally cold, they are more likely to move during legal shooting hours.

Of course, no one who takes a precious week off during deer season is eager to sleep through the first hour of daylight.

exceeded my expectations and I am very thankful for that. However, despite their large population, these intelligent animals can be quite elusive.

A week’s vacation means one thing to serious deer hunters: seven straight days in the deer woods. It’s been a consistent whitetail producer since the early 1990s, at times a spectacular one. Once I figure that out, I’ll hunt them in the evening,” explains Schearer. Forget Boats—Bowfishing on Foot Is Cheap, Fun, and Easier Than You Might Expect.

of 50 out of 50 states in expenditures for natural resources has not improved” in recent years.

Hunting land & best counties for deer West Virginia. A buck that runs fearless across your property is also wandering across your neighbor’s property. Located about halfway between Charleston and Parkersburg, Jackson County gets plenty of attention from hunters, and for good reason. “The colder it is, the more the deer need to feed. Changing timber management practices surely play a role since public land timber harvests have plummeted and whitetail deer depend heavily on low-growing browse.

Please log in, or sign up for a new account to continue reading. But don’t take my word for it. Early-season hunting has its perks. Bucks waltz into crop fields well before sunset and return to their bedding areas at first light day after day. In other words, it’s critical to get in your stand early enough that you don’t spook any does or young bucks that might hit the food source early. these periods, major feeding times are always in the middle of the day and deer are often nocturnal. Each offers a number of advantages, but all three present a different set of challenges. Temperature: Temperature is another factor that can drastically affect the movement of animals. Site Map Website by JZ Internet. Whitetail can be found and hunted in all of the following states: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire,New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

You should In many states, a mid-season hunt can fall smack in the middle of the rut. As a county that sits adjacent to whitetail-rich Preston County, Monongalia shares its neighbor’s penchant for producing plenty of deer. The stump-sitters, the guys who hunt more for the fun of deer camp than the thrill of the actual hunt, have thrown in the towel. At Sportsman Tracker, we aim to provide digital tools that get our users off the couch and into the great outdoors. a major or minor feeding time occurs close to sunrise or sunset will have a higher rating. “It’s certainly difficult to settle on one period of the hunting season,” admits Schearer.

Bow season, early muzzleloader season and one or more weeks of gun season can put a dent in the deer population. You’ll have to brave the cold, though. Last year, hunters bagged 3,158 deer within the county’s borders, an average of 8.47 per square mile. Schearer, who is also the media relations director for CVA, says everything has to be just right for a productive morning hunt. sunrise or sunset.

Success depends on a number of factors, of course, including one of the most important decisions made in the weeks or months leading up to that moment — when, exactly, should you schedule your hunt? times occur further from sunrise or sunset will have a lower rating. Why? That’s why the last few weeks of the season might be a wise choice.

Deer can be found nearly everywhere in West Virginia, and that’s both good and bad for hunters.

There’s no guarantee he’ll make it to you before he gets plugged by another hunter. The woods are practically deserted and the bucks might just let their guards down. Found in almost every state within the eastern United States, and in various locations west of the Rocky Mountains, the whitetail deer is the most sought after of the North American game animals. Thank you for visiting Deer Feeding Chart. when You can often pattern late-season deer like you can with early-season deer.”. Purchasing a license is more convenient than ever before.

Barometric Pressure: Whitetail are very sensitive to changes in barometric pressure and the resulting atmospheric conditions. “I have the same group of guys come back year after year during the rut. rut. Believing is half the battle.”. Rutting bucks might not be working known food sources and they might stay away from known trails, but the does won’t change their normal routines. Get the most out of your deer hunting time in the woods and enter your zip code above to get free deer feeding With no further ado, here they are: For long-time observers of the Mountain State deer-hunting scene, Lewis County’s spot atop the rankings should come as no surprise. www.deerfeedingchart.com. during Pre-rut hunting pressure going back to the first days of the early archery season can push even the most rut-crazed bucks into hiding. Deer Hunting Day Rating Best Time Zone UTC: -8: 11/30/2020 Sun Data Rise: 6:40 AM Set: 4:44 PM Day Length 10 hrs.

A handful of states protect their bucks by closing the season during the rut. Days when deer feeding times occur further from sunrise or sunset will have a lower rating. But that’s just part of the story.

“Some outfitters will stack up their hunters during the rut because that’s when everyone wants to hunt. “Walking into an area in … When the season was expanded to two weeks in 1993, the number of muzzleloader licenses sold jumped to more than 25,000 … In 1995, the DGIF board voted to allow scopes on them. They’ll certainly feed, but if they encountered any hunting pressure during the rut, they might wait until dark before they venture out.

A mid-season hunt can present its own set of challenges. Click here to stay informed and subscribe to The Charleston Gazette-Mail. “You never know, though. I am an avid deer hunter from South Carolina and I started this web That way, I get a good idea of their preferred routes to and from a feed field. Some of those deer came from Monongalia’s share of the aforementioned Coopers Rock State Forest and Snake Hill WMA. There was a problem saving your notification. Days Most states (minus the southwestern United States) contain plentiful Whitetails. Good deer hunting can be found in many parts of West Virginia, but the best whitetail-producing counties share a common set of characteristics — plenty of deer, enough size to make harvest statistics meaningful, and an abundance of public hunting land. As a veteran outfitter and the host of Shoot Straight TV, Chad Schearer has had the luxury of spending much of his life chasing whitetails from first light on the first day of the season to the final minutes of the last day of the season. Choosing a single week isn’t easy, admits Schearer, but he has a special place for the early season. Contributors to this thread: Archer Fanatic 17-Sep-14.

Which is why evaluating the wind's strength and direction is vital when determining the best hunting times. Located smack in the middle of the state, Braxton has more than 30,000 acres of public land — a feature that makes it a frequent destination spot for deer hunters. Whitetail deer understand the uncertainties and dangers of bad weather. Sitting on the ridge above his boyhood hunting grounds, life-long Fulks Run resident Doyle Ritchie considers what the future of hunting in Virginia will be without deer in the national forests of Virginia. Good luck and be safe on your deer hunting adventures! Preston’s average of 8.42 deer per square mile ranked sixth, an unusually high placement for a county more than 600 square miles in size. To Use: Select your US or Canadian Zip/Postal Code and then click the 'Click to Create Your Deer Hunting Calendar' button. The 2020 Deer Hunting Season Forecast.

We are reprinting it here to provide the background for the problem. Most game management agencies know better. Which WV deer-hunting counties can truly be considered 'the best? charts for You can almost set your watch by early-season whitetail travel patterns.

Deer are in predictable patterns, living under a false sense of security that comes with eight months without hunters in the woods.

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