best team for pokemon emerald with sceptile

But don't replace Ludicolo! I keep Cascoon. Like most, if not all, grass types, Cacturne has plenty of weaknesses, but can be covered if done right.

Bite: Best bet for special coverage, and actually not bad.

I taught it Steel Wing to cover its Rock and Ice Weaknesses. Psychic-type. Cut It can rasily deal with the Dark-type user, as long as it knows some Fighting-moves. I will probably add sprites later. While his movepool is pretty limited on the special side, he will be great for Gyms 7-8 and parts of the Elite 4, as well as strong on all of the later game water routes. Sceptile is best with Modest (-Atk, +SAtk.) Ignore people about Grovyle/Sceptile who dont actually understand Emerald and say he is bad. Shelgon can evolve into Salamence, a psuedo-legendary Pokemon, at level 50. Double-Edge is a very high powered attack. Swellow: Fly, Aerial Ace, Return, Steel Wing/Facade Light Screen, Vileplume but they are not necessary. spark is sppecial in this gen PokeNerd24, and has a higher chance to paralyze and more pp.

- Thunderbolt (TM) Dig is STAB, although the main use for it is to get out of caves. rocksmash. If it's Silcoon, I toss it out. This is less power but more utility. -->--> Quick suggestions for other two starters: Sceptile: Fast and Frail, poor coverage, but still a great grass type He's a good Poke to use against the last Gym and 1st Gym. Breloom helps with the Dark and Ice type members of the E4, using STAB Mach Punch and Sky Uppercut. Waterfall and Dive are also HMs. -Since this guy is lacking in movepool (not even getting Flamethrower or Overheat yet), you have room to spare for using Rain Dance and Thunder. - Earthquake/Dig (Power VS. the ability to escape from caves at will (TM)) Armaldo is one of the few rock types that have very few weaknesses, and should be shown off to everyone else. Earthquake I added the Regis as optional, not required. Aggron is an example of this, as those two x4 weaknesses greatly detract from its amazing defense. One more thing: if you decide to use slaking, You HAVE to give it hyper beam, as the recharge and loafing happen together, making it superior to return which also will only work every other turn. Dragon Breath/claw: Stab, and gets good coverage on its own, bar steel. Double Team is, like Muk, for the classic annoyance.

Flamethrower for ice coverage.Steel wing is for rock and ice coverage. Also, Brick Break hits quite a few of Steven's Pokemon super-effectively.

Swampert: Bulky as heck, only one weakness (which while 4x, is not a type of any gym or e4 member), and earthquake by level up makes for an excellent starter, especially for a nuzlocke. EDIT: I forgot about the Regis :D (They might be legendaries, but they're not Ubers, so it's not really cheating) You find them a bit later than halfway in the game but it's possible to get them with 7 badges. Taillow/Swellow Worked REALLY well for me as a Flier AND fighter. Location: Petalburg Woods

Honestly, his movepool is too wide to do it justice with one set, but here goes.

Altairia: This is your earliest dragon, and though it may not seem like much, it is ridiculously bulky. Can Surf, Waterfall and Dive and other HM moves. Iron tail for epic stab. Very strong, moderately fast, and has a pretty good movepool. Calm mind (boosts SpA and SpD, lvl up), Zigzagoon: Hm mule, ability pickup very handy in game for free items (higher level = better goods) Hariyama: Brick Break, Rock Smash, Rock Tomb, Strength

Waterfall/Surf (stab hm's)

I have ralts (I don't know to keep him). I usually save TM Thirty-Something Brick Break for this guy if he has a Hasty (-Def, +Spd) or Naive nature (-SDef, +Spd.).

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